Timeless Elegance: Exploring the Hand-Blocked Printed Cotton Kurta
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Timeless Elegance: Exploring the Hand-Blocked Printed Cotton Kurta


Timeless Elegance: Exploring the Hand-Blocked Printed Cotton Kurta


Timeless Elegance: Exploring the Hand-Blocked Printed Cotton Kurta

The Art of Hand-Blocking: Tradition Meets Fashion

Dharan, a conscious clothing brand, proudly and loudly celebrates the art of Hand Block printing. Indian block printing, a centuries-old fabric design technique, has adorned a variety of fabrics. Handblock printing on textiles is a traditional method where wooden blocks with carved designs are dipped in dye and pressed onto fabric to make patterns. It's typically done on fabrics like linen, cotton, or silk. This printing technique is one of the oldest and simplest ways to print on fabric. To make a block, a design is drawn on paper, then transferred onto wood, and carved. Ink or dye is applied to the block, which is then stamped onto the fabric to create the pattern. Block printing adds colours one at a time using different blocks for each colour. This process is time-consuming but results in beautiful, intricate designs on textiles.

Why Choose Dharan's Cotton Kurtas

Style - Our block-printed cotton kurtas come in trendy designs and cuts that suit different tastes. Whether you like traditional or modern patterns, each kurta is carefully crafted to look stylish and elegant.

Quality - Dharan ensures top-notch quality in its cotton kurtas. We use high-quality fabrics and pay attention to detail in stitching. This ensures that the kurtas are durable and comfortable, and maintain their shape and colour even after regular wear.

Sustainability - We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices. Dharan’s cotton kurtas are sustainable and we minimise waste during production. Choosing our cotton kurtas means supporting ethical and environmentally responsible fashion.

Here are some reasons why hand-block print kurta for women are a timeless trend:

- Rich Cultural Heritage

Hand-block printed kurtis reflect the beauty of traditional India in stunning outfits. They connect us to our heritage and evoke a lasting appreciation for our culture. Buying hand-block printed pure cotton kurtis online allows us to embrace India's rich and colourful traditions.

- Versatile for Any Event

Printed kurta for women comes in various styles, suitable for different occasions like office wear, casual outings, or parties. They are also popular choices for ceremonies, rituals, and other events due to their versatility and unique designs.

- Available in Various Styles and Colours

Printed Kurtis are available in different styles and vibrant shades, offering chic options. The wide variety of block-printed kurtas now available leaves women spoiled for choice, making it challenging to decide.

- Comfortably Stylish

Hand block print kurta offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, ensuring users look stylish without compromising on comfort. Choose prints on light or bright-coloured bases and airy fabrics for a refreshing look during spring and summer.

- Support Local Artisans and prevent ancient craft

Block Printing is an old art from Rajasthan, started by local artisans in Bagru. Supporting local hand-block printmakers and fashion brands helps keep this heritage alive. Designers mixing it with modern trends are doing great work.

Conclusion :-

At Dharan, we promote sustainable, affordable, and stylish pieces that are both beautiful and comfortable, while supporting local Indian artisans. Each hand-block print kurta is crafted with a dedication to quality, making it a true work of art. This summer, make an eco-conscious decision and explore our hand-block printed collections at dharanclothing.com

By Ashish Mishra